1. They won't ban fracking outright
The Liberals say they will place a moratorium on fracking, but will not commit to an official ban. Moratoriums are temporary measures and weaker than bans. Around the world, moratoriums have been lifted by governments that cave to industry demands. To permanently protect our land and water, we need a ban on fracking.

4. They are being advised by former Yukon Energy CEO and promoter of LNG, David Morrison

David Morrison, former President and CEO of Yukon Energy, has been named as Liberal Policy Chair. Mr. Morrison was in charge when the LNG plant was pushed through against widespread opposition to fracked gas. During his tenure, Yukon Energy was accused of favouring fracked gas over alternative energy. What does this appointment say about the Liberals' true commitment to renewable energy and their supposed opposition to fracking? Watch the video below of Mr. Morrison promoting LNG at a 2013 conference.

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October 24th, 2016

2. They claim to support conventional oil and gas even though Yukon's resources are primarily in shale The Liberals say they support conventional oil and gas development, but studies show Yukon's conventional sources are limited. Most of our oil and gas is locked in shale. According to experts, the only viable way to get oil and gas out of shale is through fracking. Thus, support for any oil and gas in the Yukon opens the door to fracking. 

3. They are hiding behind land use planning In a recent interview, Sandy Silver was asked: "Are you open to conventional oil & gas development?" His response: "We absolutely are. We're open to getting back on track with land use planning. With certainty in the industry, that's where corporate interest lies." The Liberals are hiding behind land use planning instead of being 
​ clear on oil and gas. We need real leadership to fight climate change and choose clean energy over fossil fuels. Click here to watch the interview.

Four signs the Liberals are hiding their oil and gas plans