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Yukoners Concerned Blog

January 2, 2015
Sarah Newton discusses recording of anti-fracking anthem 'Don't Frack'.

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I met someone last month, who offered to help me record my song “Don’t Frack” that’s become an anthem in our struggle to protect the Yukon from hydraulic fracturing. Going through that process with my good friend Kim Melton on banjo and backup made me wonder if I could put myself out some more and see what happens. So, with my Venus in Aries running on high, I jumped on it and underwent what I can only call my own personal Enlightenment.

I researched some funding opportunities (since my time is valuable as a single mom with count… 1,2,3 jobs now) and decided to work on some promotional stuff via Facebook and now, wow…. I’m officially an artist (if you can ever officially become an artist).

So, after the Enlightenment that my music may have something to offer, since it has certainly saved my life this year… I have uploaded some of my originals to the cloud… Soundcloud that is and also managed to get a Youtube video of my cover of Black by Pearl Jam.

So, check it out! I’d love some feedback

Don't Frack on Sound Cloud

Sarah Newton