March 3rd, 2017

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LNG worse for climate change than diesel
Companies such as Ferus not telling the full story

We, as a group, have spent the last six years researching the implications of LNG to replace diesel for the Yukon. We have participated in community meetings on energy resource planning, invited speakers and scientific authorities north to teach us about the cost and benefits of fracking and we have actively intervened in YESAB, and YUB hearings.
Our research concludes that LNG is a worse offender of greenhouse gases than diesel. With the advent of diesel becoming more fracked makes it even more urgent that we start to aggressively move off fossil fuels now. We have even petitioned now over 10,000 Yukoners for their support to ban fracking in the Yukon because we understand the Yukon’s geology is mostly shale and shale formations will require fracking.
Canada has signed international agreements to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and we wish to see our Yukon build a Northern and Indigenous renewable energy economy. We want our homes and vehicles to be powered by renewable energy. Renewable energy has much better economic value and returns to our community than fossil fuels.
The renewable energy technology is ready to be deployed, we now have the people capacity to build and learn from pilot projects. What we need now is for our federal and territorial governments to implement the right policies, regulations and financing to help Northern and Indigenous people benefit from an efficiency and renewable energy economy. We need our Yukon government to legislate renewable energy into our future energy developments.
Members of our group have met with the Ferus representatives and we recognise the messaging that they use to downplay the dangers of natural methane gas. This gas product is produced by wasting and poisoning water and their business model ignores the consequences of climate change.
Mining industries have a role to play in the low carbon future. The Diavik Diamond Mine north of Yellowknife has proven that wind energy can displace at least 10% of their diesel consumption. There are villages in Alaska already displacing 30% of their diesel-electricity with renewable energy. We know that renewable energy can displace fossil fuels for mines. Our government needs to legislate the mines to transition to renewable energy for powering mining projects in the north. 
It is paramount that the science of Climate Change must be accounted for in every consideration for energy projects. The Ferus and Casino mine business case does not account for this.
Sally Wright, JP Pinard, and Yukoners Concerned