We've set up a Go Fund Me campaign to collect donations that will help contribute to our many activities. Where exactly will your donation money go? Here are a few examples: 

  • Bring guest speakers to the Yukon.
  • Print new quantities of the popular 'FRACK FREE YUKON' bumper sticker.
  • Acquire informal base water-sample testing in the Eagle Plaines and Whitehorse Trough region to encourage the Yukon Government to develop base sampling regulations and invest in an official process. (Note: These samples are considered informal and not "official", as this would cost significant amounts of money and should be the responsibility of our government or industry.)
  • Invest in acquiring impactful photo and video to use in awareness campaigns. Yukoners Concerned have funded numerous aerial photography shoots to document the damage currently being caused by Northern Cross in the Eagle Plains region. Some of this footage can be seen throughout the website, and in this video.  
  • Purchasing awareness advertisements in local media. Our information campaigns are intended to raise awareness, encourage public debate or attendance at important "have your say" hearing events etc.