Letter to Minister of Highways and Public Works,
​Richard Mostyn, on LNG B-Trains in the Yukon

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February 13th, 2017

Dear Mr. Mostyn:

Yukoners Concerned writes to you with respect to the many recent news articles stating there could be B-train trailers (B-trains) hauling liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Yukon as early as 2018. B-trains, which consist of two trailers linked together, can carry about 85 cubic metres of LNG, up from the 40 to 55 cubic metres of LNG currently transported in trucks along our highways. 

In particular, the recent interview with Michael Brandt in the Yukon News on November 25, 2016 stated that Yukon Energy and its partners have been working on getting LNG B-trains for the past three years.                

The use of B-trains to facilitate the exponential increase of LNG consumption in the Yukon raises three significant concerns. First, the manner in which LNG is delivered by fracking is contrary to the promises made by the Yukon Liberal Party during the recent territorial election. In particular, the Liberal Party pledged “no fracking, period”.  While we welcome this commitment not to frack in the Yukon, we hope your government has the vision to extend this policy on fracking beyond Yukon's borders.

Second, public opinion in the Yukon has clearly demonstrated disapproval with LNG consumption in our territory and a strong desire to move away from further LNG use. The production and consumption of LNG is one of the single greatest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. We sincerely hope your government will seize this opportunity to take positive steps to develop green alternatives to power our future.

Third, the use of B-trains for LNG raises significant concerns about the safety of transporting such large volumes of LNG down the Alaska Highway. Their greater length (up to over 100 feet) and high centre of gravity raise questions about their safety on Yukon Highways. It was suggested in the Yukon News article that there could be 15 LNG B trucks travelling on Yukon roads each day of the year. 

As a result, we expect the use of B-trains in the Yukon must undergo a rigorous regulatory approval process, which would include opportunity for public input. We request that your government provide us with a detailed explanation of the proposed regulatory approval process for B-trains for LNG, as well as an explanation as to what steps have been taken to date by Yukon Energy and its partners to seek approval from Yukon Government.

We trust that the new Yukon government will do its utmost to uphold its promise to listen to Yukoners.

Now is the time for meaningful dialogue to take place about the potential authorization of LNG B-trains in the Yukon.