April 9, 2015

Yukon Government moves ahead with fracking, regardless of strong opposition from the public.

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Yukoners Concerned Blog

Perhaps it was the stalled postponing of the Select Committee on the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing's final report. Or, the multiple leaked documents from the department of Environment Mines and Resources revealing their back-door plans to move ahead with fracking even though they hadn't made it official to the public yet. Could it have also been the fast-tracked application and assessment of an over-budget Liquified Natural Gas generator, which now sits as a greenhouse gas guzzling eye sore near the beautiful and historic Miles Canyon? 

Whichever one of the Yukon Government's multiple faux pas it may have been, it's possible you've started to noticed an indication of their plans to allow fracking all along. After three years of public debate, Yukoners are left scratching their head in wonder: what was the purpose of developing a Select Committee to study the risks, if the government's plan was to frack regardless of the warnings and insights from industry experts and Yukoners alike, stating fracking cannot be done safely and should be banned until determined otherwise? 

In their most recently leaked document, the government revealed their plan to move ahead with a "pilot fracking/science project" in the Kotaneelee gas field, located in the territory of the Liard First Nation. In 2013, the Council of Yukon First Nations placed a unanimous resolution to ban fracking in its members' territory. Ironically, the Liard First Nation are not one of these members, leaving their territory wide open to fracking. 

Is this yet another indication of the Yukon Government's controversial approach to finding a way to introduce fracking in the territory?

We likely will never know the truth.