Over 8,000 Yukoners have signed a petition to ban fracking in the Yukon. 

Help keep the Yukon frack-free.


One signature only please:
If you already signed the petition that's currently circulating in the Yukon, please do not sign again. We thank you for your contribution to the Yukon's sustainable future.

Who are the Yukoners Concerned?

Help us continue to educate Yukoners on the environmental issues at hand. These funds will go towards covering the cost of using tools such as this website, advertising, canvasing, public rallies/events, hosting guest speakers and more.  


One of the most identifiable actions the Yukoners Concerned are known for, is the success of their anti-fracking petition. Over the last few years, Yukoners Concerned has circulated a petition asking the Yukon Government to ban fracking in the Yukon and move to renewable, sustainable energy. Group members have covered many miles going door-to-door with the petition. They have also ensured its distribution in the communities outside of Whitehorse.

In February 2014, after Minister Scott Kent signed the agreement with B.C. stating the Yukon would use their provincial neighbour's best practices for fracking, a group member began touring Kent's riding (her home riding) with a petition to ban fracking. This sparked a new strategy for the Yukoners Concerned, and the group soon began to cover Yukon Party ridings specifically in order to hear directly from Yukon Party voters. It became clear that they also had great concern about the Yukon's water and environment, and had a desire to protect it from fracking. 

To date, the petition has garnered an unprecedented 8,000 plus signatures from Yukoners - and the group has not stopped. Yukoners Concerned members continue to collect signatures, and will do so until a ban is secured. 

Keep up your support, Yukon, as we work together to protect the land and water for future generations!

How it all began

In early 2012 the Yukon Government put out a request for bids from companies interested in developing oil and gas in the Southern Lakes (Whitehorse Trough), a location which stretched from Carcross to Carmacks and included three locations along the shore in the Tagish and Marsh Lake areas. Yukoners were quickly shocked by the Government's actions and the possible risks to the Southern Lakes, and a group of locals decided to gather together to discuss the risks and educate themselves about the potential effects.

From that first meeting, the group has grown with many Yukoners from all walks of life and political backgrounds. Over the years the group has engaged in everything from hosting guest speakers and benefit concerts, to community information tours, writing letters-to-the-editor and publishing awareness ads in local news outlets, maintaining a Facebook page, holding monthly meetings, and door-to-door canvasing.

In essence, the group Yukoners Concerned seeks to educate the public on the risks of oil and gas development in the Yukon, and lobby for the Government to move towards alternative energy. 


Yukoners Concerned is a group of citizens that have come together under a shared interest for preserving the Yukon's pristine land and water.​ 

The Yukon is a territory of insurmountable beauty. It is also, to the benefit of few and concern of many, a territory filled with a bounty of extractable resources. 

While politicians and industry continue to invest in unsustainable initiatives such as hydraulic fracturing, Yukoners are faced with a daunting question: how can our community ensure the Yukon’s pristine wilderness landscapes and waterways are safely preserved for generations to come, and what are the realistic sustainable alternatives?