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Yukoners Concerned are interested in working together for a sustainable Yukon. In order to protect the Yukon's land and water, it will take the collaboration of government, industry and community - and we want to ensure our community of individuals is not only aware of the issues at hand, but has an equitable voice at the table. Our mandate is to inform Yukoners about the risks of initiatives such as fracking, and the cost effectiveness and benefits of developing alternative energy infrastructure such as solar, geo-thermal and electric thermal storage... Read More

Over 8,000 Yukoners have signed the petition to ban fracking.

Help keep the Yukon frack free.


'No Fracking! A Yukoners Concerned iMovie' offers a parallel illustration of what our territory stands to lose if we move forward with fracking just like our neighbours have in Fort Nelson, BC. 

Welcome to the website of the volunteer group, Yukoners Concerned. Spend some time learning more about the issues impacting the Yukon's land and water, and don't hesitate to
join us in taking action!

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​​Read the Yukon Government Select Committee on the Risks and Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing's FINAL REPORT.


Is fracking worth it?

Peruse the stories detailed in this

Fraccidents Mapto find out how fracking

has negatively affected other communities.


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Concerned About?

"We've gotten to the point where in our desperate need for hydrocarbons, we actually by definition, inject poisons into the earth."

- 'Fractured Land'

"The more we find out about industry, the more we become convinced that the two land uses can't co-exist..."

- 'Fractured Country'

"The stuff that's in this mud...they don't tell you the stuff is radio active. I had really severe health issues. My friend Frank has suffered for 18 months.

- Rick "Mac" Sawyer